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Resilience has become a buzzword during these times of unprecedented turmoil. These days, adapting to a fast changing environment is a basic necessity. Especially for leaders. Many of us, have more questions than answers. Some leaders may have some answers. Many others don’t. And that can be lethal.


Gabriela Enrigue sorted through thousands of research papers on the topic, listened to some riveting stories and talked to the most inspiring leaders across the globe. She discovered that the topic of resilience covers up a far more complicated story than the media -or the mainstream public- ever gets to hear. What is resilience in action? Is it bouncing back stronger or pushing through adversity? If it’s bouncing back, how do we know if we are moving in the right direction or digging ourselves into a deeper hole? If we need to drive some resilience our way, where exactly do we get it? How much does it cost? Where is a good place to start? In season one of Resilience in Action, she looks for answers.


Resilience in Action is produced by Paulina Ramos, Julie Chavez and Gabriela Enrigue. Emily Cohen is our production and operations manager. Maureen Villaseñor is our editorial advisor. Editing help from Nancy Fuentes. Fact checking by Karina Fregoso. Our theme music is composed by Nick Sandler, scoring music by Nick and by Mark Villanueva who also mixed our programs. 


Special thanks to Marc Brackett from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence; Dr. Leah Weiss founder of the Compassionate Leadership Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business; and Dacher Keltner from the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley. 


Resilience in Action is a production of Prospera Labs. Accelerating Leadership across the globe.


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Readers are CEOs and entrepreneurs, impact investors and activists, award-winning filmmakers and journalists, and many other fine folks who aspire to leave this world better than how we found it. 

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