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Your purpose unleashed gives inspiration and much needed empowerment to those leaders working on the frontlines of social change.


We are putting together a gorgeous gallery of pictures of all the leaders that have unleashed the fierce power of purpose. 

It will remind us all that we are not alone on this journey!

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Imagine – Inspire – Empower

To imagine a world of inclusion, diversity, prosperity and opportunity, to inspire others to get involved and push their limits in service to others and to empower those less fortunate to realize their dreams for themselves, their families and their community.

Special thanks to Stefan Pagacik for pointing out this beautiful vision!

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About Prospera Labs

We are a Conscious Leadership Accelerator. Our system allows participants to refocus, reorient and repurpose their strategies as they adapt to a fast changing environment. We are on a journey towards accelerating social change at a global scale. Along the way, we are making sustainable growth more accessible and exciting for all. At our core, the Genius in Action Insights give leaders the tools to drive positive transformations; the data to monitor, track and trace their progress; and the network to go as far as they seek to go.


Our system strengthens leaders minds in a riveting, adventurous and joyful way. Along the way, we dance, read some poetry and celebrate! Be it in the form of interactive online experiences, in-person keynotes and workshops, or our boutique strategic planning division, we ensure you are equipped with the toolkit, the data and the network to build a future that is fundamentally better than today. We work with those leading exciting transformations and are building things that matter.  The Genius in Action Program is an interactive, 9-week online program designed by Gabriela Enrigue for purpose driven leaders who want to accelerate their transformation journeys. Over 10,000 people in 20+ countries have discovered the Genius in Action Way. 


Lead from a place of purpose, where your journey and your environment work together effortlessly.