Follow the lives of three of the most iconic geniuses of all times. Learn from the strategies and tactics Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Frida Kahlo used to overcome the most daunting challenges. They managed to navigate very confusing and complex times. They moved past wars, depression, self doubt, chronic illnesses and brutal losses. They did not just blamed "the system". They hacked it.


These geniuses use skills that all of us can use to hack our systems. It’s not easy. Sometimes, it gets messy before it gets clean. But like these three people, you can attain significant genius in a way that fits who you are. As these geniuses show, your own way of genius is the only way that will work for you.


Get an inside peek of what goes on in the minds- and bodies- of geniuses.


Genius in Action is produced by Paulina Ramos, Julie Chavez and Gabriela Enrigue. Emily Cohen is our production and operations manager. Maureen Villaseñor is our editorial advisor. Editing help from Nancy Fuentes. Fact checking by Karina Fregoso.


Special thanks to Walter Isaacson, Chip Heath, Steve Blank, Brené Brown, John Gottman, Dan Ariely, Seth Godin and the entire staff of the Stanford Social Innovation Review.


Genius in Action is a production of Prospera Labs.


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Readers are CEOs and entrepreneurs, impact investors and activists, award-winning filmmakers and journalists, and many other fine folks who aspire to leave a world better than how we found it. 


Gabriela Enrigue is one of World Economic Forum's "Young Global Leaders", Forbes “Women Changing the World”, a David Rockefeller Fellow, Echoing Green & Ashoka Fellow, an economist, a veteran social entrepreneur. She graduated in 2008 from UC Berkeley. She worked for the World Bank as a Private Sector Development Specialist from 2008 to 2012.


Her work at Prospera Labs has transformed the lives of more than 25,000 social entrepreneurs in Latin America, South East Asia and the US. She has lead social innovation initiatives at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, Starbucks, Walmart and Forbes Magazine.

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